Microline Technology Corp., of Traverse City, MI is actively involved in engineering and development of inspection and telemetry systems, with emphasis on magnetic flux leakage (MFL) inspection, since its incorporation in 1991. We are an independent research and development firm, operating primarily in the field of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) as it relates to oilfield tubulars, including pipelines and downhole casing and tubing. We employ a professional staff of 50+ engineers and technicians, with expertise in the fields of petroleum engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical & electronic engineering, computer engineering /computer sciences and pipeline inspection.

Microline’s R&D facilities include an extensive inventory of pipeline calibration standards and a programmable servo-controlled pull-rig for instrument test and calibration for all manufactured equipment. Our in-house R&D and manufacturing capabilities include PCB development & design, prototyping, and software applications development. Microline provides turnkey manufacturing for inspection instruments operating to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and 20,000 psi. We also boast an in-house training theatre capable of seating 24 students, and have provided classes in MFL Theory and Application to hundreds of petroleum industry professionals.

Microline is an owned subsidiary of Quanta Services, Inc. (NYSE: PWR – S&P 500 Company).






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